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surprising your mum on Mother’s Day

6 tips for surprising your mum on Mother’s Day

Mothers are some of the most important people in our lives, always there to love and support us. This is the woman that kept you warm for months before welcoming you into the world. If something’s wrong, she’s there for you and if you’ve misplaced something, she always knows where to find it. You could say that mothers make life better. Mother’s Day is the perfect day to turn the tables and spoil your mum rotten for once! If you’d love to surprise her but are unsure how to do this, read on for our tips and tricks.

1. From the heart

Choosing from so many available gifts can be difficult, especially when all you want to do is show her how important she is to you. Create a gift that comes straight from your heart and is sure to put a big smile on her face. Think about what you want the gift to say. What do you want to thank her for on this special day? In which ways is she important to you? Take your time to think about these questions, and you’ll be one step closer to selecting the perfect gift.

2. Let her know why she’s so special to you

Mother’s Day doesn’t have to be the only moment to remind your mum how special she is to you, but it is a perfect opportunity to! Finding an original way to do this can be a challenge, so we’ve got some ideas for you:

  • Write a beautiful poem: Now, we can hear you thinking that this isn’t something you can do, but you don’t have to be a born poet to write down loving words. Think of the fun moments you’ve shared, a moment that makes you proud, or all of the moments that she was there for you.
  • Take a trip down memory lane: Surprise her with all of the great memories you share. From your childhood to now, you must have made tonnes of beautiful memories. Create a personalised photo album , get cosy and flip through it together. You could even add fun quotes or sweet messages.
  • Surprise her with a personal gift: We’re so used to receiving gifts from our parents growing up, but now you’re older you understand that it’s just as fun to return the favour. Surprise her with a personalised gift! Truly unique and extra special.
  • Organise a special day for her: She may already have it all, or say she doesn’t need presents. If that’s the case, spoil her in other ways by cooking her a delicious lunch, showing her all she’s taught you over the years, or take her for a relaxing spa day.

  • 3. What does she like?

    When you think of your mum, what springs to mind? What kind of person is she? Perhaps she’s creative and spends her free time painting or drawing. Perhaps she’s a lover of nature and enjoys walking or hiking. Maybe she loves spending time in the kitchen, whipping up all kinds of deliciousness. Think about this when finding your gift.

    4. Mother’s Day at a distance

    It won’t always be possible to be near your mum. You may live in a different town or city, or in a different country, where you’ve built your life and had your own experiences. That doesn’t mean that you’ve forgotten her, of course! With all of the phone- and video calls, you’re still as close as ever. Surprise her with a sweet gesture at a distance, such as a personalised Mother’s Day card or a small but personal gift. She’ll love it!

    5. First Mother’s Day

    If one of your loved ones is celebrating their very first Mother’s Day, this will be extra special for them. It’s one of the milestones new parents look forward to, after all. The little one may not consciously realise how much their mum means to them, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be in on the celebration. Surprise their mum with a personalised gift for her and the little one. If you’re unsure on what to give them, take a look at our first Mother’s Day tips.

    6. How to find the right gift

    We have a few more tips to help you decide on the perfect gift:

    1. Keep her likes and dislikes in mind: When selecting your gift, concentrate on her likes and interests. Make sure it’s something she can actually use. It’s her day!
    2. Get the family involved: If your mum has brothers and/or sisters, involve them in coming up with the perfect gift; they may have great ideas. The more ideas, the better. Working with more people can also mean a bigger budget to work with, so you’ll be able to surprise her with an even more spectacular gift than you had originally planned.
    3. Plan ahead: If you’re thinking of planning a small get together for your mum, make sure you plan ahead to avoid disappointment. Have your gift(s) ready and invite people in time.
    4. If you’re looking for more inspiration for a unique personalised gift, take a look at our blog all about the best Mother’s Day gifts.

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