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Surprise your loved ones with a personalised 40th birthday gift. Unique gift ideas which can each be personalised with the photo, name and/or text of your choice. 

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Gift ideas for a 40th birthday gift

Turning 40 is a big event for many people. This applies both to the person turning 40 and to everyone who wants to celebrate the special moment. Most people want to give 40th birthday present that is truly personalised and tailored for the receiver, something that will make the person remember this milestone.

We have mentioned, of course, great gifts for men and women, but we have so much more in our range. If you are looking for something more fun, combine something personal with a fun and humorous touch.

Here some great gift ideas:

  • An engraved leather backpack for the frugal traveller.
  • A computer sleeve for the careerist.
  • A wine and cheese set for the wine connoisseur.
  • Soft, cosy bathrobe and slippers for the spa enthusiast.
  • Boxer with photo is a fun 40th birthday gift for a man
  • Chocolate with name and photo for the sweet tooth
  • Personalised water bottle for the jogger
  • Personalised backpack with name for the hiker
  • Cocktail set for the party animal
  • Business card holder for the businessman
  • Chess set with photos for the chess player

The list is endless as our range is vast and you're sure to find something suitable for the birthday boy or girl. There are both fun and luxurious gifts. It can be anything from an exclusive 40th birthday gift such as a piece of jewellery, to a fun 40th birthday gift you can really appreciate. Dare to go out on a limb and try to find something that suits the birthday child's personality! Then order the gifts and have names engraved or use photos to make the gift as personalised as possible.

What is a good gift for a colleague turning 40?

We don't always know our colleagues privately, but we still want to celebrate with them. Especially when their birthdays are even like the 40th milestone. If it is difficult to come up with something unique, go for something related to work, perhaps with a fun twist. Some ideas for a 40th gift for a colleague from our range include a personalised notebook, a handy computer bag and pens for work.

What is the perfect 40th birthday gift for your best friend?

A perfect 40th birthday gift for your best friend should be both personalised and say something about your friendship. It can be a gift that reminds you of something you did together or that characterises your friendship. If you are planning a trip, a cabin bag with a photo is a perfect gift. Or maybe a leather suitcase for the fancy friend. This is great also for the gym!

Best friends also love to make fun with each other. A funny 40th birthday gift for a woman could be a gift with a funny selfie of the two of you. You can print the photo on a shirt or coffee mug. Of course, the same goes for men too. If you can't see your friend as often as you'd like, a stuffed animal with your photo is a great personalised gift that will make him laugh.

How much to spend on 40th birthday gift?

Determining how much to spend on a 40th birthday gift is a mainly personal decision. However, most people often wonder what's the appropriate amount to spend. Well, it generally depends on your relationship with the birthday person and your personal budget. Usually people tend to spend slightly more for a "decade", after all you don't turn 40 every day!

From bigger investments to small keepsakes, YourSurprise has 40th gifts for every budget. Bigger budgets can include gifts such as a piece of engraved jewellery, a bottle of fancy champagne or a leather item. Smaller budgets can include fun socks with a photo, a personalised snow globe, a Toblerone with name or heart shaped chocolates.

What are the best 40th birthday gift ideas for sister?

Discovering an ideal 40th birthday present for your sister can be a delightful journey, with a selection of sentimental, fun, or exquisite gifts out there just waiting for you to select. Here some ideas:

  1. An engraved tea glass with her name for the tea lover.
  2. A personalised night lamp with her name
  3. An engraved lighter for the avid smoker
  4. A leather toiletry bag for all her makeup
  5. A bottle of their favourite gin
  6. A cocktail set with accessories included

What are some unique and personalised 40th birthday gift ideas for brother?

If you've got a brother who's about to hit the big 4-0 and you're on the hunt for a truly special gift, look no further and check out some gift ideas for a brother:

  • A wooden photo panel with a family photo
  • A personalised mouse mat for the gamer
  • A fun pair of slipper with a photo
  • A selection of beers in a package
  • A bottle of wine with personalised label
  • A leather bracelet with name engraved