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Birthday Gifts for Him

A birthday is that special and eagerly awaited day of the year when we celebrate, remember and appreciate the presence and life of a person. Precisely for this reason, creating a cool birthday gift for a man can become more complicated than expected, as you want to make sure you hit the mark and make him smile. When it comes to finding great, original gifts for the men in you life, it seems most of us run out of ideas pretty quickly.

But don't worry! If you have ever felt absolutely lost in the search for an original birthday present for him, or if you are simply looking for inspiration, Your Surprise is the place to be!

We have not only thought of original gifts but also of making them even more special by customising each one. So, depending on what you're going for, you can create something that will warm his heart, thrill him or make him laugh out loud!

Birthday surprises for him

Planning a birthday surprise for the birthday boy? First of all, congratulations on a great idea! But experience has taught us that it isn't always easy to come up with a surprise that suits his schedule, interests and preferences. We have some birthday ideas for him that might inspire you to create an unforgettable day:

  • A special dinner organised at home where you decorate the table with glasses personalised with his name or a personal inscription
  • Give or send him a special birthday card that includes a sweet or funny video message. Perfect for those who are far away!
  • A relaxing day at a spa or wellness centre, where you can surprise him by pulling a soft, comfortable personalised bathrobe out of your bag.
  • You could make the gift itself even more special by wrapping it with a personalised gift card featuring your photo and a design you can create yourself!

Birthday presents for boyfriends

The birthday of the person you love is certainly one of the most special times of the year! It is usually spent together enjoying a special activity, but one of the unmissable traditions is the gift. After so many years it can be more difficult to find a suitable birthday present, especially when the best ideas have already been used.

We have some very romantic gift ideas for your boyfriend's birthday for you to take inspiration from:

  • Chocolate for the boyfriend with a sweet tooth, featuring the photo and message of your choice
  • A clock to hang on the wall featuring your photo
  • A large jigsaw puzzle to do together
  • A snow globe featuring your favourite holiday photo
  • A leather barbecue apron for those who enjoy BBQ-ing up a storm

Men's birthday gift ideas: Fun and original

There are no rules when deciding on the perfect gift; in our opinion, what really counts is whether it represents something meaningful to the birthday boy himself or something you share. We are sure that if you are looking for an original birthday present for him, the chances are high that you love spending time with him and that you often have fun together. So why not give him something that symbolises this joy and fun that you feel when you are with him? Or that symbolises a joke you have between you?

You can find a wide range of funny gifts here that are sure to bring a smile to everyone's face:

  • Men's boxer shorts customised with a photo, logo or other text
  • For Toblerone lovers, an XL size with his name
  • Men's socks customised with a photo or his name so you don't confuse them with yours!
  • A personalised decorative football featuring his name, for his man cave

In short, there are plenty of unique and fun birthday ideas for him to choose from!

Birthday presents for your brother

Sometimes you love each other, sometimes you hate each other (but of course never for real!). Siblings are part of your life, you don't choose them but they become a fundamental part of your everyday life. Their birthday is also an important moment. Some like to simply ask "What present do you want this year?" and others prefer the gift to be a special surprise. Here are some of the most unique and special birthday gifts for a sibling:

  • Engraved lighter
  • Football with name for sporty brothers
  • Card holder for business brothers
  • Peaky Blinders gift set for a TV series-loving brother