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Delivered to your address of choice

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Free message card with every gift

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All gifts personalised with photo/text

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The best gifts for animal lovers

Show off your pets!

You’ve read our previous blog all about fun ideas for your cat photos and we were inundated with demands for a blog about all of your other pets! Your wish is our command of course, especially with World Animal Day coming up on Sunday 4 October. We asked which animals would like to feature in our pet blog and received lots of lovely photos of dogs, cats and a guinea pig named Otis. Take a look below for these cute animal models and our best gifts for animal lovers.

Cat (or dog!) and mouse

Below you can see our lovely models Bingo the cat, Pip and Ravi posing on our mouse mats, along with three cute dogs whose names we, unfortunately, don’t know. The animals are pictured on our standard rectangular mouse mats, but these are also available in a heart-shaped version!

mouse mat featuring your pet Create your mouse mat >>>

Show off your furry friends

Bo and Mattheo are featured on our cool wall decoration options below, along with a beautiful Norwegian forest cat and cool pair of dogs hanging out on a bench.
We placed Mattheo on an instacollage, which is a collage of photos that form one photo. Bo’s photo has been placed on aluminium, as this works well with the grey tints in the photo. The Norwegian forest cat is stunning on our wooden panels, bringing out the lovely brown tones in their fur. The two dogs are posing on plexiglass, as the bright colours are perfectly suited for this material.

wall decorations featuring your pet Create your wall decorations >>>

Only a phone call away

6 paws shot up when we asked who would like to pose for our new phone cases, belonging to Beppie, Pip, Charley, Singha, Alska and Toos, whom are featured from left to right below.
Have your favourite furball placed on a phone case of your very own, so they’re always near. All of the phone cases below are iPhone 11 Pro cases, but we also offer phones cases for other iPhones and Samsung phones. Go for one large photo, or add your photo to one of our fun designs.

phone case featuring your pet Create your phone case >>>

Merry Petmas

We all know the annual struggle around pets and Christmas trees, but these adorable Christmas tree baubles will give you no trouble at all. Diesel, Jacky, Kay, LouLou and Loki volunteered to model them for us below.
You can personalise these baubles per set of 2, with your photo of choice. The photos are double-sided, which means they are visible from both the front and back.

baubles featuring your pet Create your baubles >>>

You're my cup of tea

Now these are the cutest cuppas we’ve ever seen! Featured are Takkie, Otis the guinea pig, Diesel, along with Abbey and Penny Lane.
Each of these photos has been placed on our classic white mug, but we also have pink, red, yellow, orange and green mugs available. You can even create a magic mug, featuring a black top coat which disappears to reveal your beloved pet when a hot beverage is poured in!

mug featuring your pet Create your mug >>>

Beware of pet

We needed four cool dogs to play the role of guard dog and found Joek, Dinges, Senna and Xena.
These trusty pets are featured on our house signs, showing you just who’s guarding their home.

If you already have a house sign, why not create a sign to hang below it, or to decorate your pet’s sleeping area?

house sign featuring your pet

Create your house sign >>>

Bless this mess

Our placemats are normally used to decorate a table, but are also perfect for messy pets.
If this your pet is known to make a bit of a mess when enjoying their dinner, give them their very own placemat to make cleaning up a little easier.
Our placemat is made with sturdy hardboard and has a glossy top coat, which means it can take a hit and is easy to clean. Modelling our placemats below are Xavi, Zoë and Poedi.

placemat for your pet Create your placemat >>>

Close to your heart

If you’d like to keep your beloved pet close at all times, why not have their photo engraved on a pendant? Below are lovely Diesel and Loeloe, Liv, Señor and Tommy on our silver pendants. Just add the pendant to a chain and keep them close at all times.
Our pendants are available in various colours, shapes and sizes.

engraved pendant featuring your pet Create your pendant >>>

Wet ‘n wild

Lots of pets love a frolic in the water or a walk in the rain, so why not create a special towel to dry them off with? Instantly recognisable and guaranteed to put a smile on your face. Featured below are Diesel, Sky and 3 other lovelies whose names we don’t know, but who are no less cute!
Our personalised towels are available in the following sizes: 50 x 100 cm, 70 x 140 cm, 80 x 150 cm, 100 x 180 cm and 100 x 200 cm.

towel featuring your pet

Create your towel >>>

The key to your heart

Add one of these cute key rings featuring your pet to see them every time you grab your keys! We offer key rings in various shapes, materials and sizes, such as heart-shaped key rings, rectangular key rings, engraved key rings and printed key rings.
Our models below are Binky, Benny and Blue, Bowie and Winston.

key ring featuring your pet

Create your key ring >>>

Treat your pet

Treat your furry friend to their very own personalised food bowl, water bowl or bed featuring their name.

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